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Polyurethane Injection Technology

Warehouse Floor Repair | Serving the New England Region

Forklift traffic can be greatly disrupted from settling and uneven concrete, slowing down a business and interrupting day to day operations.  Polyurethane foam technology provides clients with a rapid means of repairing slabs within a warehouse area.   Sunken concrete slabs can be put back into use within minutes after being lifted with polyurethane technology. 

Slab Curling is a disruptive phenomenon.  When improperly constructed, concrete floor slabs can warp, severely diminishing the serviceability of a floor. Polyurethane injections can effectively repair a curled slab with minimal disruption.  Slab Warping is generally another way to describe a curled slab.  The warping effect greatly reduces the usable lifespan of the floor if left untreated. 

Joint Stabilization can be achieved through injecting an expanding urethane foam through small holes in the floor.  The process is quick and can rapidly repair a curled/warped concrete floor. 

Subsurface voids can impact an existing facility, causing a concrete floor to quickly settle.  Polyurethane foam can rapidly fill an underslab void space.  

Advantages of Polyurethane Foam include: 

  • Environmentally Friendly:  Slabjacking is an eco-friendly alternative to a 'rip and replace'.  Concrete lifting saves on carbon emissions as less heavy equipment is used.  Less materials are hauled to landfills as well.
  • Low Impact Repair:  Slabjacking can repair a warehouse floor with minimal disruption.  The alternative 'rip and replace' approach can displace clients and greatly impact their business operations. 
  • Short Construction Time:  Clients greatly benefit from the rapid speed of construction. Slabjacking work can take less then half the time of the alternative methods for repair. 
  • Cost Effective:  Slabjacking is very cost efficient when compared to the conventional 'rip and replace' approach.

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