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EFT: Repair of Tripping Hazard for Town of Westford, MA

October 8, 2010

A tripping hazard creates a major liability for property owners.

Slabjacking rapidly repaired the tripping hazard.

Project: Tripping Hazard at the Westford Highway Department - Town of Westford, Massachusetts

Tripping Hazard: Frost heaving had affected the concrete walkway leading to the Highway Department, creating a major tripping hazard. One of the concrete slabs had heaved almost an inch over the winter and did not settle back that following spring. The problem occurred right in front of the building's main entrance and was an unavoidable problem for pedestrians.

Project Considerations: The traditional "rip and replace" approach would demolish the slab and replace it with new concrete. The construction work would greatly affect the building egress, creating a major disruption to the facility.

Slabjacking Services Completed: Traditional slabjacking was utilized to eliminate the tripping hazard. Portable grouting equipment was mobilized on site, consisting of a specialty mixer and a grout pump. Small holes were drilled in the adjacent slab and the grout quickly lifted the slab upward to meet the "heaved" slab.

Benefit: The site was cleaned up within minutes and the tripping hazard was quickly eliminated without any disruption to the facility.

"They came in and jacked the adjoining slab. In half an hour, it was all done. It was a significant savings for us over the other options."

Chip Barrett - Westford Highway Department

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