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Warehouse Floor Repair - Triliteral LLC in Cumberland, RI

September 16, 2012

Slab curling:  The warehouse contained about two acres of floor space, where some areas of floor had "curled" upward.   This phenomenon is generally caused by poor workmanship and will result in warped concrete floors.   In some areas, the concrete warped upwards by approximately an inch, resulting in a void space below the floor.   Forklift traffic eventually started to damage the floor from the curling and a non-invasive repair method was required.  

EFT provided the warehouse floor repair through a combination of urethane injections and an epoxy floor coating.   A high-strength urethane foam was initially injected through the concrete, stabilizing the floor in the curled areas.   Once the underslab void was filled, the top of the control joint was covered with a specialty epoxy paste, effectively flattening the concrete and helping stabilize the forklift traffic.  

The repair work took a total of three days to complete.  

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