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Slabjacking at Harvard Graduate School - Boston, MA

August 7, 2011

Slabjacking project took place within basement of existing building. Grout had to be pumped through hoses inserted through a basement window. Great care was taken to minimize disruption to the Harvard Campus during work.

Engineered Foundation Technologies, LLC. used Slabjacking for Concrete Floor Repair - Boston, Massachusetts

Problem: Renovations construction to the building discovered a large void space existed underneath the basement slab.  The work are was to be converted to a conference room and was against a tight project schedule upon discovering the void space.  

Project Considerations: A conventional tear-out would not be feasible as the contractor had to deliver the conference room in a weeks time.  The slab had to be repaired within minimal disruption to the area and had to be done almost immediately.  

Slab Settlement Repair: Slabjacking was utilized to address the settling concrete slabs. A specialty grout was injected injected through small holes drilled in the concrete, ultimately filling in the void space underneath.   The process quickly repaired the slab and cost a fraction of the alternative options.

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