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Slab Repair at Day Care Center in Hanover, NH

September 16, 2012

Polyurethane foam was injected through these settled slabs in New Hampshire. The expanding foam rapidly lifted the slab, providing a rapid means of repair.

Concrete Slab Problem: A section of concrete slab had settled, creating a tripping hazard to pedestrian traffic.  This hazard was located right in front of the buliding's entranceway and was especially disruptive for a day care center.  

Repair Solution:  The slab was repaired through the urethane slabjacking process.   An expanding urethane foam was injected through the concrete, lifting it from below.  The process rapidly lifted the concrete, eliminating the tripping hazard.   The process proved to be much more effective than either removing the slab or grinding it down. 

The work only took a few hours to complete. 

There was essentially no disruption to the facility during the work.  

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