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Concrete Lifting - Lenox, Massachusetts

January 19, 2012

The concrete had noticeably settled at this property in Massachusetts.

The concrete was quickly lifted through the slabjacking process.

Slab Settlement Repair:  A water line broke during the winter months, eroding a significant amount of soil from underneath the concrete floor.   Because the building was vacant for the winter, the leak continued undiscovered for a long period of time.   The floor slab inside the building had settled over two inches by the time the water break was discovered.   

Initially, project engineers recommended the floor slab be jackhammered and replaced with a structural slab.   This work also included digging down and replacing the soils below. 

Instead of the "rip and replace", EFT slabjacked the concrete floor with polyurethane foam injections.  The underslab void was ultimately filled and the concrete lifted back in place.  The slabjacking work cost a fraction of the "rip and replace" and also took a single day to complete. 

Client Testimonial: "I want to thank you for delivering what you had promised.  You returned my slab to level from its 2 inch drop, which allowed me to get my building permit.  As you know, the drop came fom a water leak from a frozen pipe.  I'm pleased to report that my contractor is on his way to fully restoring my bathroom."

Jerry Warshaw - Lennox, MA

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