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Concrete Repair and Rehabilitation

Concrete Raising | Serving New England and New York

Projects in Massachusetts and New Hampshire: Small access holes are drilled in the concrete slab. Once the strategically placed holes are drilled, the concrete is raised through injections of liquid urethane. The liquid flows under the concrete and quickly tries to expand to 900% of it's volume, ultimately raising the concrete upwards.

Engineered Foundation Technologies ("EFT") is the first company in the Northeast Region to offer polyurethane slabjacking to both the commercial and residential sectors.  Property managers, homeowners, existing businesses, engineers, and municipalities can all greatly benefit from concrete raising work. 

Polyurethane foam has revolutionized the concrete raising process.  This cutting-edge technology has been successfully used and accepted by various State Highway Departments for lifting concrete highways.   

Benefits of concrete raising include:

  • Eco-Friendly:  When compared to a "rip and replace", slabjacking requires less construction equipment, less noise, less fuel, and less material to drive to the landfill.
  • Less Impact: Slabjacking has minimal impact to existing facilities. This minimally invasive technique is especially beneficial for situations where a 'rip and replace' would shut down an existing business for a period of time.
  • Less Time: Slabjacking work takes less time than a traditional 'rip and replace'. Construction time for slabjacking can be dramatically less when compared to the alternative.
  • Cost Effective: Slabjacking is very cost effective when compared to traditional concrete replacement. In some cases, slabjacking can cost half to a third of the alternative.
  • More Value: Slabjacking provides superior value when compared to concrete replacement.

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EFT provides Concrete Raising in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire